How to write a high scoring Essay in CSS Exam?

Historically, the highest fail ratio is for English Essay, so an aspirant should focus on this subject. Regardless of how good your English is, there is a particular pattern and structure for writing high scoring CSS essays that FPSC looks for. An essay is not an English test; instead, an aspirant is judged upon how well an argument is structured or presented.

Starting with preparation for CSS Essay

  • Start by jotting down outlines of Essays along with the thesis statement. Get them checked by a dedicated mentor.
  • Practice writing short introductions based on the outlines and get them checked by your mentor again
  • Once you have practiced writing brief introductions, jump towards writing one complete Essay every week—this is from where you can start collecting material and making notes. Decide your chosen topic, gather all the relevant material, including references, examples, quotes, statistical data, and combine them to complete your Essay.
  • After you have practiced writing 3-5 essays, test your writing speed. Start writing the essays in the given time frame that is 3 hours.
  • Get all your essays reviewed and checked by a mentor. Work on the feedback given by them.

Tips for writing a good, lengthy, and content-rich Essay for the CSS exam

  • Crucial understanding of the topic is essential. One might have a problem clearing the exam if there is no substantial understanding of the topic. An aspirant must ensure that whatever topic is chosen, he/she should be able to write a minimum of 15-16 pages. Also, for writing extensively, one must have sufficient knowledge and background to support the argument.
  • For the Essay, nothing is as essential as its structure. The overall structure of an essay is even more important than vocabulary. It would be best if you focused on vocabulary for the precis and composition part; however, the structure is the king for the Essay.
  • Lastly, one should judge if he/she can write a fair and coherent paragraph. For coherent paragraphs, one must be able to write well-structured sentences and connect them. Once the paragraphs are coherent, a good introduction and conclusion must be written keeping in view the outline.

If all these things are done, and the language is not played with grammatical errors, an aspirant can write high scoring CSS essays and clear the exam

Books for CSS English Essay

Which books are best for CSS English Essay? Here is a list of highly recommended books by CSS-top qualifiers

  1. CSS English Essay with online Learning Module

CSS English Essay with Online Learning Module is a complete package that includes a guidebook and online learning module of Tabir. The online module will help with CSS online preparation as it includes a comprehensive video series, assignment submission and evaluation, feedback from CSS top-qualifiers, and the latest articles once the CSS exams are near. Whereas, the guidebook by Dogar Books consists of a step by step guide for writing a perfect CSS English Essay, high scoring samples essays from CSS past papers, and suggested readings to enhance understanding of the topic.

CSS English Essay Online Preparation Series by Dogar Books
  1. High Scoring CSS Essays by Dogar Books

High Scoring CSS Essays by Dogar Books is a guidebook that includes a step-by-step guide for writing a perfect essay, has key takeaways with everyday Essay, and has high scoring CSS essays solved samples from past papers. The guidebook's suggested readings section also helps students enhance and have a sound understanding of CSS essay topics. CSS mentors highly recommend this guidebook in guiding aspirants to write winning essays for CSS 2021

CSS English Essays High Scoring Guide by Dogar Books

  1. CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-2020 by Dogar Books

CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-2020 by Dogar Books is a comprehensive guidebook with updated information, a brief introduction to CSS and the exam strategies, tips for attempting and solving CSS questions, and writing better English sidebars for additional information, definitions, explanations, and references. This CSS solved papers book has papers from 2016-2020 to write high scoring CSS essays.

CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-2020

  1. Better Writing Now by Francine D. Galko

Better Writing Now by Francine D. Galko is a complete guidebook for helping students write timed essay exams, research papers, resumes, covers, general business letters, memos, emails, reports, etc. This book enhances writing concise papers with useful tips and formats that students can use to write with confidence.

Better Writing Now by Francine D. Galko

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