How to Collect notes for writing a great CSS essay?

‘Essay writing’ is one of the key papers which determines a candidate’s overall score in the CSS Exam. However, most of the candidates scores less in this paper due to less literary and scholarly writing skills. An essay paper has ten topics out of which candidates must choose one. The CSS Essay word limit ranges between 2500-3500 words on the topic.

Essentials of Essay Writing

Candidates need to ensure the following essentials for writing high scoring CSS Essay

  1. Structure of an essay
  2. Expressions of Ideas-Principles of a standard essay
  3. Outline of an essay
  4. Grammatical Accuracy and English proficiency with ample vocabulary

Structure of an Essay

The CSS essay exam is not just about jotting down points and writing random thought haphazardly. A standard essay constitutes majorly of three parts:

  1. Introduction/Background
    The introductory part should compel and introduce the topic to the reader.

  2. Body
    The candidate should use one paragraph to write about one aspect of the topic in body

  3. Conclusion
    The last one or two paragraphs must summarize the whole essay highlighting the major aspects.

Collecting notes for CSS Essay Exam

Now that we have covered the essentials and structure of an essay but the question remains there that how to collect material for CSS essay? Following are some of the sources of material for CSS English Essays.

  1. Essays written by experts in famous newspapers and magazines. Understand and get an idea of how they frame the ‘Introduction’ and Conclusion Passage. Jot down the main points and make your CSS Essay notes out of it.
  2. To Collect CSS Essay notes candidates should consult official documents like Quarterly reports of SBP, Economic Survey of Pakistan, treaties and agreements.
  3. To attain high scoring CSS Essay, candidates should also gather notes from the reports of international agencies like WB, IMF, ADB, UN and USAID.
  4. For Islamic related essays candidates can read and make CSS Essay notes from Friday features in Dawn Newspaper.
  5. Current Affairs which is a bimonthly print magazine of culture, politics and arts. Each issue of the magazine has insightful analysis and reporting.

Books for high scoring CSS essay

Aspirants can also consult the following books of essays for CSS 2021

  1. High Scoring CSS Essays 2020 Edition
  2. How to write great essays by Lauren Starkey
  3. Better Writing Now by Francie D. Galko
  4. CSS English Essay Online Preparation Series


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