6 Things to do before joining Pakistan Military Academy (PMA)

Pakistan's defence forces are the sixth-largest in the world in terms of active military personnel. The defence forces are not only the best-organized institution of Pakistan but are highly respected in Civil society. Defence forces comprise three main service branches-Army, Navy, and Air force-together with several paramilitary forces and the Strategic Plans Division Force. It has always been an attractive career opportunity for the youth to join Pak army and continues to be a promising profession by the amazing number of enrollments each year.

In times of turmoil and war, the Pakistan Army has been at its disposal to offer toil, blood, and sweat in the country's service. The esteemed Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) members play a pivotal role in setting a standard of the office cadre through rigorous selection procedures and training, which builds a great nation. However, here 6 things you should do before joining the Pakistan Military Academy.

1. Know the Stages of Selection

There are two main stages of selection in Defence forces for induction as an officer.

  • Initial / Preliminary selection
  • ISSB tests

 2. Know the types & categories of service

There are four distinct categories for becoming a part of the army as an officer or soldier rank.

  • Regular Commission. This comprises of PMA Long Course, Graduate Course, Technical Cadet Course (TGC) , AFNS (BSc Nursing), and AM Cadet Course
  • Short Service Commission (SSC). This contains General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs) as Captains (Male/Female) and classified/specialists.
  • Direct Short Service Commission. This includes lady officers (women commission), psychologists, veterinary officer, ICTOs, and Army Educational Corps.
  • Soldier recruitment. It comprises candidates selected for soldier ranks.

 3. Do physical Exercises

Once you know about the Pakistan military academy requirements and have applied in defence forces, do physical exercises to come across the initial physical and ISSB tests. Exercises include push-ups, sit ups, chin ups, Running, and ditch crossing. Make a habit of doing the physical exercises daily to build your stamina and ace in the physical test of PMA long course 147

4. Prepare yourself for Initial Tests

Keep track of newspapers and keep checking the official website of the Pakistan Army. As soon as an advertisement is published in the newspaper or online, go through the PMA admission requirements and get yourself registered at the respective selection centers. Prepare the documents beforehand by looking at the conditions mentioned in the advertisement. As English is the officials' conversational language in defence forces, focus on improving both written and spoken English to leave a good impression.

5. Take the practice tests

Familiarize yourself with the challenging sequence and paper pattern of the Preliminary test by taking practice tests. Several guidebooks cater to practice and sample tests for initial preparation. Also, online learning platforms like Tabir help candidates do initial preparation by taking practice tests.

6. Prepare before going to ISSB.

Start your preparation right away after receiving a call/letter from ISSB. You might not have enough time to cover all the subjects, so it is always suggestible to start the preparation. You must get through physical training in advance but beware to avoid any injury before going for ISSB. Prepare your documents and photographs, get a proper haircut, and wear clothes dressed and pressed correctly.

Resources for PMA Initial Test

To prepare for Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Test), a candidate must consult resources and guidebooks to do practice tests, go-though sample tests to know the type of questions asked in the Interview, and pass the preliminary written test for PMA.

  1. PMA Long Course 2020 Guidebook

PMA Long Course 2020 Guidebook is a guidebook by Dogar Books, which includes a complete selection procedure for PMA long course, written and intelligence tests, study tips, and PMA Online test format. This guidebook has updated material and comprehensive coverage of all sections of the PMA test.

 PMA long course Guidebook by Dogar Books

  1. PMA Long Course 3 in 1 Package with online learning module

PMA Long Course 3 in 1 Package with online learning module comes with an ultimate guide of PMA for Initial Test and ISSB Tests Guide by Career Finder. The package also includes an online learning module of Tabir. The guidebooks have practice tests, success notes of intelligence tests, and exercises. The online learning module of Tabir helps with conceptual learning, improves score through Score Improvement Test System (SITS), gives sample tests, and common Interview topics.

 PMA & ISSB Guidebooks with Tabir Online Module


  1. ISSB Tests Success Guide by Career Finder
    ISSB Tests Success Guide by Career Finder is a comprehensive guidebook that includes Initial Tests (Army, Navy, and Air Force), academic, physical tests, Interviews, and all the information related to them. This book is available both in English and Urdu language.
    ISSB Tests Guidebook


Schedule of Registration / Preliminary Tests

The registrations and schedule for preliminary tests of PMA long course 147 will be held as per the following schedule.

  1. Registration 5th Oct 2020 – 6th Nov 2020 (Including Saturday and Sunday)
  2. Preliminary Tests 11th Nov 2020 – 8th Jan 2021 (Except Saturday, Sunday, and National / closed holidays)


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