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Ultimate ISSB Test Complete Package

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Ultimate ISSB Test Complete Package ( Book+Tabir Academy Online learning Module) is a comprehensive package to get you through ISSB Selection is not just a guide; it is your road map to the Defense Forces, leading you step by step to your success. ISSB Guide Book and Student Guide gives you ample information and practice in all the areas to be tested during the process including online test, Academic tests, Intelligence tests, Physical tests and finally the interview. The book has been developed in English as well as Urdu Languages. Place your order now. Home delivery is available. ISSB Test Preparation Book will be sent you by courier. You just have to pay cash on delivery.


  • What is Online Test?
  • ISSB Test Format
  • From Selection to Promotion Procedures
  • Self Study Course
  • Self-Assessment Tests
  • Progressive Exercises
  • Physical Exercises
  • Introduction to the Defence Forces

Contents at a Glance
Contents Section

  1. Editor's Corner
  2. Let’s Start
  3. Introduction to the Defence Forces
  4. From Selection to Promotion
  5. Selection Process
  6. What is ISSB?
  7. ISSB Student Guide For Initial Tests
  8. Test Yourself by Self-Assessment Test

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