Smart Brain Biology (MCAT)

Smart Brain Biology (MCAT)

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Smart Brain Biology (MCAT) by Dogar Books is available here. Home delivery is available. Place your order now. The book will be sent to you by courier within 2 to 3 working days. Pay cash on delivery.

Smart Brain Biology (MCAT) Book :

Key Features of Smart Brain Biology :

  • Book Review and Concept Builder Exercise Guarantee High Score
  • Key concepts and book reviews refresh Your understanding
  • Fully explained standard Biology MCQs for each chapter
  • Review test and Brainbuster Exercises

This Book is for you:

  • To the point- Targeted to All entry tests in Pakistan
  • Highly focused questions
  • Revision of most relevant questions
  • Refined practice exercises with answers explained
  • Brain Buster questions in each exercise
  • Fully explained Review Exercise
  • Highlighted important points and concepts

Effective Preparation Facts:

  • The question, you solve just in no time gives you no practice.
  • The question, you solve by a momentary thinking do not impart much in your practice.
  • The question, that makes you explore your brain, refreshes your existing knowledge.
  • The question, that makes you open the textbooks for concept linking, gives you high-rank practice.
  • The question that forces you to learn extra knowledge gives you a competitive edge.