High Scoring Screening Test Guide Special Edition

The High Scoring Screening Test Guide Special Edition by Dogar Brothers

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 High Scoring Screening Test Guide Special Edition by Dogar Brothers is available now at Dogar Brothers. This book is best for Screening Test . The High Scoring Screening Test Guide Special Edition by Dogar Brothers will be sent to you by courier. Pay cash on delivery. Grab your copy now.

The High Scoring Screening Test Guide Special Edition:


  • Inspector (BS-16) (Officer Emigration)
  • Appraising / Valuation (BS-16) (FBR)

Salient Features:

  • Original Solved Papers
  • Notes based on Test Items
  • Questions with Concept Notes
  • Special Package with Online Preparation

Table of Contents


⮚ Vocabulary
⮚ Synonyms – Practice Exercise
⮚ Antonyms – Practice Exercise
⮚ Sentence Completion
⮚ Prepositions – Practice Exercise
⮚ Analogies – Practice Exercise
⮚ Sentence Correction
⮚ Grammatically Correct Sentences
⮚ English Vocabulary Word List
⮚ Spellings


⮚ Fundamentals of Islam
⮚ Fundamentals of Faith
⮚ The Holy Divine Books
⮚ Sources of Islamic Shariah
⮚ Eminent Islamic Jurists
⮚ The Holy Quran
⮚ Surahs in the names of Prophets
⮚ Hadith
⮚ Important Personalities in Islam
⮚ Rate of Zakat
⮚ Utilization of Zakat
⮚ Biography of the Holy Prophet
⮚ The Holy Prophet’s Life in Makkah
⮚ The Holy Prophet’s Life in Madinah
⮚ First in Islam
⮚ The Pious Caliphate
⮚ The Great Generals in the History of Islam
⮚ Eminent Muslims and their Fields of Repute
⮚ Nisab of Zakat for Animals
⮚ Zakat on Gold and Silver
⮚ Important Islamic Terminologies
⮚ Names of Islamic Months
⮚ Practice Exercises


⮚ Practice Exercise and Concept Notes


⮚ Types of Diseases
⮚ Elements with their Abundance in Earth’s Crust
⮚ Units with Conversions
⮚ Devices for Measurement
⮚ Measuring Units
⮚ Theories and Laws by Famous Scientists
⮚ Deficiency of Vitamins and Diseases
⮚ List of Phobias
⮚ Food and Nutrition
⮚ Vitamin Rich Food/Fruits/Sources
⮚ Astrology Facts
⮚ Inventions and Inventors
⮚ List of fathers/Founders of Various Academic Fields
⮚ Diseases
⮚ Dictionary of Diseases
⮚ Quick Everyday Science Facts
⮚ Muslim Scientists
⮚ Practice Exercise


⮚ Highest Waterfalls
⮚ Rivers of the World
⮚ Top Seven Mountain Ranges in the World
⮚ Three Main Types of Rocks
⮚ Ocean Terminology/Water Bodies Terminologies
⮚ Some Gulfs of the World
⮚ Top 10 Mountains of the World
⮚ Countries on the Equator
⮚ World’s Largest Islands
⮚ Facts about Water Bodies
⮚ Facts about Continents
⮚ Facts related to Deserts
⮚ Major Deserts of the World
⮚ Names of Straits, their Locations, what two countries/water bodies they Connect
⮚ Disputed Islands
⮚ List of Nicknames of Famous Places
⮚ Geography Facts
⮚ Some Important Facts
⮚ Largest Oceans
⮚ Largest Lakes
⮚ World’s Largest Dams
⮚ World’s Largest Peninsulas
⮚ Practice Exercise


⮚ First Cabinet of Pakistan
⮚ Famous Colleges/Universities of Pakistan and their Date of Establishment
⮚ List of British Viceroys During British India (1857-1947)
⮚ Timeline of Indo-Pak History
⮚ Top Exports of Pakistan
⮚ Some Valleys in Pakistan
⮚ Old Names of Cities in Pakistan
⮚ Tombs of Sufis and Saints in Pakistan
⮚ Pakistani Ambassadors in UN
⮚ Operations Conducted by the Pakistan Army on UN Missions
⮚ List of Pakistani Missiles with their Ranges
⮚ Major Institutions of Pakistan
⮚ Mughal Empire
⮚ Power Plants of Pakistan
⮚ Motorways of Pakistan
⮚ List of Important Minerals and their Location in Pakistan
⮚ Names of Important Military Operations in Pakistan
⮚ Islamic Reformers and their Eminent Work in Indo-Pak History
⮚ Amendments to the Constitution
⮚ Brief List of Commonly Asked Articles of the Constitution of Pakistan
⮚ Quick facts of Constitutional History
⮚ Composition of Pakistan’s Parliamentary Facts
⮚ List of Civil and Military Awards in Pakistan
⮚ Non-Operational Gallantry Awards
⮚ Judicial System of Pakistan
⮚ Pakistan’s Provinces by Size
⮚ Pakistan Provinces by Population
⮚ Some Facts Related to the Administrative Units of Pakistan
⮚ Full Forms of Abbreviations used for Public Sector Organizations
⮚ Important Celebrated Days in Pakistan
⮚ Pre-Partition Timeline
⮚ Post-Partition Timeline
⮚ Largest, Smallest, Highest and First in Pakistan


⮚ Doabs of Pakistan
⮚ Some Major Passes of Pakistan
⮚ Lakes in Pakistan
⮚ Quick Facts about Lakes in Pakistan
⮚ Important Forts in Pakistan
⮚ Quick Facts about Forts
⮚ Important Barrages and Headworks of Pakistan
⮚ Rivers in Pakistan
⮚ Practice Exercise


⮚ Practice Exercise with Concept Notes


⮚ Recent Events and MCQs
⮚ Practice Exercises


⮚ Abbreviations From A-Z
⮚ Countries and their Capitals
⮚ International Organizations
⮚ List of Secretary Generals of UN
⮚ International Organizations (Headquarters & President/General Secretary)
⮚ Brief Notes on Some Commonly Questioned International Organizations
⮚ Important Books & Their Authors
⮚ Foreign Words & Phrases
⮚ Famous IT companies and their Founders
⮚ Important News Agencies
⮚ List of Presidents of the United States of America
⮚ Important Streets and Reasons they are Famous for
⮚ Parliaments of Different Countries of the World
⮚ Different Sciences and Fields of Study
⮚ Famous Travelers in History
⮚ Stock Exchanges in the World
⮚ International Boundary Lines
⮚ Old and New Names of Countries
⮚ World Cities with Old Names
⮚ Armies of some Countries in the World
⮚ Famous Paintings
⮚ Intelligence Agencies of the World
⮚ List of Famous Autobiographies
⮚ Refugee Camps in the World
⮚ Important Days (2019) and their Themes
⮚ More International Days
⮚ International Decades
⮚ List of World’s Famous Squares
⮚ List of World’s Famous Towers
⮚ Nicknames of Countries and Cities
⮚ Countries/Cities by Population
⮚ Military Operations in the Near Past
⮚ Cities on the Banks of Rivers
⮚ Facts Related to World’s Lakes/Rivers
⮚ List of a few World Popular Leaders and Political Parties
⮚ Highest Military Awards of Countries
⮚ A Short List of Facts Related to Flags and National Emblems
⮚ Important Wars and Resolutions
⮚ Indus and Gandhara Civilization
⮚ Magna Carta
⮚ Renaissance
⮚ Miscellaneous Information
⮚ World History
⮚ Some International Airlines
⮚ Some International Airports
⮚ Nobel Prize
⮚ Pakistan Nobel Laureates
⮚ Parliamentary Terminologies
⮚ Famous Dances around the World
⮚ States of UAE
⮚ Some Important Facts
⮚ Nobel Prize Winners of 2018
⮚ Nobel Prize Winners of 2019
⮚ Practice Exercise


⮚ Practice Exercise




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