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Junior Patrol Officer FPSC Guide by Dogar Brothers

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Junior Patrol Officer FPSC Guide by Dogar Brothers is available here. Book will be delivered to you by courier. This FPSC guide book covers full syllabus for FPSC Patrol Officer test, it contains revision notes for smart preparation.

Junior Patrol Officer FPSC Book by Dogar Brothers:

Salient Features:

  • To the point Study Material
  • Latest & Up-to-Date Edition
  • Full Syllabus Coverage
  • Guide to achieve Higher Marks

Patrol Officer Job Detail:

Note Minimum Qualification And Physical Standard Of Fitness: (i) Second Class or Grade \’C\’ Bachelor\’s Degree. (ii) MINIMUM HEIGHT: (a) FOR MALE: 5\’-8\” (b) FOR FEMALE: 5\’-4\” (For candidates of Balochistan height is relaxable by 2\” for male and by 1\” for female). (iii) MINIMUM CHEST MEASUREMENT: 33\”-35\” (Relaxable by 1\”). (iv) Car and Motorcycle driving proficiency required.
AGE LIMIT: 18-25 years plus five (5) years general relaxation in upper age limit (No further age relaxation beyond 30 years is admissible for any category including Government Servants).
DOMICILE/ QUOTA: Merit=Twenty three, Punjab= One hundred and fifty (Open merit=One hundred and twenty eight, Women quota=Fifteen and Minorities/Non-Muslims quota=Seven), Sindh(Rural)=Thirty four (Open merit=Twenty nine, Women quota=Four and Minorities/Non-Muslims quota=One), Sindh (Urban)= Twenty three (Open merit= Nineteen, Women quota= Two and Minorities/Non-Muslims quota=Two ), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa= Thirty four (Open merit=Twenty nine, Women quota=Three and Minorities/Non-Muslims quota=Two), Balochistan=Eighteen (Open merit=Fifteen, Women quota=Two and Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota= One), GBFATA=Twelve (Open merit=Ten, Women quota=One and Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota= One) and AJK=Six (Open merit=Five and Women quota=One).
The Eligibility of shortlisted candidates with regard to (i) Physical Standard of Fitness (ii) Car and Motorcycle driving proficiency as advertised will be determined on the basis of Medical Examination and driving test to be arranged/ conducted by the NH&MP as and when required.
Case No./Job Title F.4-57/2020-R Patrol Officer
Ministry/Department Communications/National Highways And Motorways Police
Grade BS-14
Special Pay
Job Duties i) Enforcement of laws, rules & regulations under National Highways Safety Ordinance (NHSO)-2000.
ii) Regulation of traffic on National Highways and Motorways.
iii) Road Safety Education to the road users.
iv) Briefing to the Commuters on toll plazas and designated points.
Job Status Temporary likely To Be Permanent,
Eligible Gender Both Male And Female Candidates Are Eligible
Minimum Age 18
Maximum Age 25
Age Relaxation plus five (5) years general relaxation in upper age limit


/ Experience

(i) Second Class or Grade C Bachelors Degree. (ii) MINIMUM HEIGHT: (a) FOR MALE: 5′-8″ (b) FOR FEMALE: 5′-4″ (For candidates of Balochistan height is relaxable by 2″ for male and by 1″ for female). (iii) MINIMUM CHEST MEASUREMENT: 33″-35″ (Relaxable by 1″). (iv) Car and Motorcycle driving proficiency required.



Selection Procedure
Syllabus of written test
Original Past Papers



  • Grammar
  • Noun
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Practice exercise
  • Articles
  • Punctuation and Capital Letters
  • Sentence Completion
  • Preposition
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Correction (Error Identification)
  • Sentence Correction




  • Countries and their Capitals
  • International Organizations
  • List of Secretary Generals of UN
  • International Organizations (Headquarters & President/General Secretary)
  • Important Books & Their Authors
  • Foreign Words & Phrases
  • Famous IT companies and their Founders
  • Important News Agencies
  • List of Presidents of the United States of America
  • Important Streets and Reasons they are Famous for
  • Parliaments of Different Countries of the World
  • Famous Travelers in History
  • Stock Exchanges in the World
  • International Boundary Lines
  • Old and New Names of Countries
  • World Cities with Old Names
  • Armies of some Countries in the World
  • Famous Paintings
  • Intelligence Agencies of the World
  • List of Famous Autobiographies
  • Refugee Camps in the World
  • Important Days (2019) and their Themes
  • More International Days
  • International Decades
  • List of World’s Famous Squares
  • List of World’s Famous Towers
  • Nicknames of Countries and Cities
  • Countries / Cities by Population
  • Military Operations in the Near Past
  • Cities on the Banks of Rivers
  • Facts Related to World’s Lakes / Rivers
  • List of a few World Popular Leaders and Political Parties
  • Highest Military Awards of Countries
  • A Short List of Facts Related to Flags and National Emblems
  • Important Wars and Resolutions
  • Indus and Gandhara Civilization
  • Magna Carta
  • Renaissance
  • Miscellaneous Information
  • World History
  • Some International Airlines
  • Some International Airports
  • Nobel Prize
  • Pakistan Nobel Laureates
  • Parliamentary Terminologies
  • Famous Dances around the World
  • States of UAE
  • Some Important Facts
  • Nobel Prize Winners of 2018
  • Nobel Prize Winners of 2019
  • Highest Waterfalls
  • Rivers of the World
  • Top Seven Mountain Ranges in the World
  • Three Main Types of Rocks
  • Ocean Terminology/Water Bodies Terminologies
  • Some Gulfs of the World
  • Top 10 Mountains of the World
  • Countries on the Equator
  • World’s Largest Islands
  • Facts about Water Bodies
  • Facts about Continents
  • Facts related to Deserts
  • Major Deserts of the World
  • Names of Straits, their Locations, what two countries/water bodies they Connect
  • Disputed Islands
  • List of Nicknames of Famous Places
  • Geographical Facts
  • Some Important Facts
  • Largest Oceans
  • Largest Lakes
  • World’s Largest Dams
  • World’s Largest Peninsulas



  • First Cabinet of Pakistan
  • Famous Colleges / Universities of Pakistan
  • List of British Viceroys During British India (1857-1947)
  • Top Exports of Pakistan
  • Some Valleys in Pakistan
  • Old Names of Cities in Pakistan
  • Tombs of Sufis and Saints in Pakistan
  • Pakistani Ambassadors in UN
  • Operations Conducted by the Pakistan Army on UN Missions
  • List of Pakistani Missiles with their Ranges
  • Major Institutions of Pakistan
  • Mughal Empire
  • Power Plants of Pakistan
  • Motorways of Pakistan
  • List of Important Minerals and their Location in Pakistan
  • Names of Important Military Operations in Pakistan
  • Islamic Reformers and their Eminent Work in Indo-Pak History
  • Amendments to the Constitution
  • Brief List of Commonly Asked Articles of the Constitution of Pakistan
  • Composition of Pakistan’s Parliamentary Facts
  • List of Civil and Military Awards in Pakistan
  • Non-Operational Gallantry Awards
  • Judicial System of Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s Provinces by Size
  • Pakistan Provinces by Population
  • Some Facts Related to the Administrative Units of Pakistan
  • Full Forms of Abbreviations used for Public Sector Organizations
  • Important Celebrated Days in Pakistan
  • Pre-Partition Timeline
  • Post-Partition Timeline
  • Largest, Smallest, Highest and First in Pakistan
  • Pakistan Geography
  • Doabs of Pakistan
  • Some Major Passes of Pakistan
  • Lakes in Pakistan
  • Quick Facts about Lakes in Pakistan
  • Important Forts in Pakistan
  • Quick Facts about Forts
  • Important Barrages and Head works of Pakistan
  • Rivers in Pakistan


  • Fundamentals of Islam
  • Fundamentals of Faith
  • The Holy Divine Books
  • Sources of Islamic Shariah
  • Eminent Islamic Jurists
  • The Holy Quran
  • Surahs in the names of Prophets
  • Hadith
  • Important Personalities in Islam
  • Rate of Zakat
  • Utilization of Zakat
  • Biography of the Holy Prophet
  • The Holy Prophet’s Life in Makkah
  • The Holy Prophet’s Life in Madinah
  • First in Islam
  • The Pious Caliphate
  • The Great Generals in the History of Islam
  • Eminent Muslims and their Fields of Repute
  • Nisab of Zakat for Animals
  • Zakat on Gold and Silver
  • Important Islamic Terminologies
  • Names of Islamic Months


  • Types of Diseases
  • Elements with their Abundance in Earth’s Crust
  • Units with Conversions
  • Devices for Measurement
  • Measuring Units
  • Theories and Laws by Famous Scientists
  • Deficiency of Vitamins and Diseases
  • List of Phobias
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Vitamin Rich Food/Fruits /Sources
  • Astrology Facts
  • Inventions and Inventors
  • List of fathers/Founders of Various Academic Fields
  • Diseases
  • Dictionary of Diseases
  • Quick Everyday Science Facts
  • Muslim Scientists


  • Classification of Living Organisms
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Vertebrates
  • Environment
  • Population
  • Continuity of life
  • Symbols and Formulae
  • Chemical Change and Chemical Bonds
  • Acids Bases and Salts
  • Carbon and Its Compounds
  • Manufacturing of Useful Products
  • Liquid Pressure
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Rocks
  • Galaxies and Stars
  • General Sciences Drill 01
  • General Sciences Drill 02


  • Intelligence Test (MCQs)


  • Basic Arithmetics (Mcqs)


  • Multiple Choice Questions


  • Set 1
  • Set 2
  • Set 3
  • Set 4
  • Set 5
  • Set 6
  • Set 7
  • Set 8
  • Set 9
  • Set 10
  • Set 11
  • Set 12
  • Set 13
  • Set 14
  • Set 15
  • Set 16
  • Set 17
  • Set 18