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High Scoring MCAT AKU Package

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High Scoring MCAT AKU Package with entry test preparation of Tabir Academy is available on Dogar books for instant delivery. This package will help students in preparing for AKU MCAT in an effective and smart way, through ample practice and revision. Order your copy today!

Salient Features:

  • Detail Notes
  • Practice Exercises with Explanations
  • Online Learning Module

How to Prepare for AKU MCAT?

Firstly, revise the entire syllabus that is recommended for the AKU test. Once your revision is complete, start practicing exercises and refer to explanations where you get stuck. After completing all exercises, you should start your online preparation module which will help you attempt ample number of questions and build time management skills while providing you with a realistic measure of your progress.

How to attempt AKU MCAT Entry Test?

  1. Time for MCQs is short so you have to manage it smartly
  2. Divide the time on MCQs to get the idea of time for each MCQ.
  3. Have a wrist watch with you while attempting the test so you don't run out of time
  4. Attempt those MCQs first which you can solve speedily but leave enough time to revisit the questions you have left.
  5. Read each MCQ carefully before marking the correct option