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FPSC Descriptive Test Guide
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FPSC Descriptive Test Guide

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FPSC Descriptive Test Guide with Tabir Online Module is available, this guidebook will help applicants prepare for descriptive tests by FPSC where good English and ample knowledge of subject is required. Order your copy now! Free cash on delivery is available.

FPSC Descriptive Test Guide :

This book is for the Descriptive Test of:

  • How to Write Good Essays
  • Selection of Current Essays
  • Current Affairs
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Most Relevant & Up-to-date Questions of Each Subject


  • High Scoring Challenge: Challenge yourself until you master every concept
  • Learning box: Super Easy way to learn all the complex concepts
  • Mastery Levels: Learn to tackle easy, medium, and difficult questions. Preparation gets better by clearing each level
  • Time saver: 5x Faster Preparation. Score well in no time. Prepare in just 15 days
  • Bonus Feature: Tabir is Fun
  • Progress Bar: 100 percent progress at the progress bar means you are ready for your exam

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