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CSS Compulsory Subjects Study Circle Online Package

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CSS Compulsory Subjects Study Circle Online Package for CSS Preparation is available for instant delivery. This package covers all your needs for CSS syllabus for compulsory subjects. Online preparation will help you in practicing assignments and getting expert feedback. Order your bundle today so you are not left behind!

Books included in the CSS Compulsory Subjects Package:

  1. High Scoring CSS Essays
  2. High Scoring English Precis & Composition
  3. CSS Pakistan Affairs
  4. Integrated Current Affairs for CSS & PMS
  5. Integrated Islamic Studies
  6. CSS General Science & Ability

Salient Features:

  • This Online study module is a comprehensive way of CSS compulsory subjects preparation, which focuses directly on the most important aspects for success of CSS aspirants
  • Designed by top qualifiers and subject specialists
  • Build your knowledge with information about relevant topics
  • Access to latest articles before exam date of CSS 
  • Tips and guidance on writing high scoring answers for CSS exams
  • Assignment evaluation and individual feedback provision to improve your knowledge, question response and writing expression in a goal-oriented manner
  • Books written by CSS qualifiers and experts for each subject
  • One platform for all compulsory CSS subjects preparation
  • Freedom to prepare anywhere, anytime with 24/7 access so you are in control of your CSS preparation journey