MDCAT 2021: New Syllabus & Addition of logical Reasoning

Following many changes in the date and syllabus of MDCAT 2021, PMC finally made a significant announcement on June 4, 2021. PMC devised a standard syllabus aligned with the topics taught in pre-medical years and subjects missing from various syllabi.

This will ensure that all candidates appearing for MDCAT 2021 are given equal opportunity to perform, PMC said. The MDCAT 2021 will ensure candidates are academically and cognitively capable of enduring tough medical education. The candidates can select all medical colleges for admission. The PMC will directly send the MDCAT 2021 result of the candidate to the relevant college.

What will be tested in MDCAT 2021?

MDCAT is a standardized MCQ Computer-based examination. The MDCAT 2021 is designed to evaluate various aspects of an individual. These include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Intuitive & Critical Thinking
  • Knowledge of natural, behavioral & social sciences concepts
  • Principles of a candidate required to the study of medicine.

Details of MDCAT 2021

It was nothing but a challenge for PMC to devise one standard format of MDCAT for candidates coming from diverse academic backgrounds and difficulty levels of education. Following Is the structure, weightage, and difficulty levels of MDCAT 2021.

  • Total Number of MCQs: 210 (100% weightage)
  • Duration of MDCAT 2021: 3.5 Hours
  • Format: Computer-Based
  • Minimum Passing Marks: 65%
  • No negative marking

You will receive the result within a half hour after completing the MDCAT 2021 test.

MDCAT 2021 Registration Date

On June 14, PMC announced about the opening of registrations for MDCAT 2021-2022. The deadline for MDCAT 2021 registration is July 15, 2021. Candidates can apply through PMC online registration portal.

MDCAT 2021 Test Date

The MDCAT 2021 is from August 30 to September 30, 2021.

Weightage of MDCAT 2021

  1. Biology (68 MCQs with 32% weightage)
  2. Chemistry (56 MCQs with 26.5% weightage)
  3. Physics (56 MCQs with 26.5% weightage)
  4. English (20 MCQs with 10% weightage)
  5. Logical Reasoning (10 MCQs with 5% weightage)

The 70% of questions of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics will be a recall. That means they are going to be from FSc books. On the contrary, 30% of questions are on the application level.

Did you say Logical Reasoning?


Yes, the latest edition in MDCAT 2021 is the portion of logical Reasoning.

Do not panic! There will be only 10 MCQs of it.

But before we dig into logical Reasoning, let us check the difficulty level of MCQs.

  1. Easy MCQs (20%)
  2. Moderate MCQs (60%)
  3. Hard MCQs (20%)

Logical Reasoning in MDCAT 2021

The question of logical Reasoning evaluates a candidates' ability to analyze, evaluate and complete arguments. Each logical reasoning question is based on short arguments. They are drawn from a variety of sources.

As a candidate appearing for MDCAT 2021, you will read and comprehend a short passage. The examiner assesses critical thinking central to Reasoning. However, the type of questions that may come in MDCAT 2021 are:

  • Critical Thinking (Uses logic to separate truth from falsehood, reasonable from unreasonable beliefs)
  • Letter & Symbol Series (A sequential order of letters, numbers or both set to specific rules)
  • Logical Deduction (Assesses the ability to deduce from various statement to most accurate response)
  • Logical Problems (comprises of puzzles that require deductive reasoning skills)
  • Course of action (A step/administrative decision taken for improvement regarding a problem)
  • Cause & effect (Asserts/Denies one thing causes another)

What are the 3 Types of cause and effect?

Generally, an event can have more than one cause. While some complex events may have multiple causes too. The main causes that can be asked in MDCAT are:

  • Immediate Cause (The cause that has occurred most recently)
  • Principle Cause (The leading cause responsible for an event)
  • Independent Cause (The effect and cause may not have a direct relation/or any relation at all)

What is a course of action example?

Statement: Corruption has become rampant in our country

Courses of Action:

  1. All the corrupt people should be investigated.
  2. As a nation, we should strive to make our country corruption-free.

(A) If only option I is most appropriate

(B) If only option II is most appropriate

(C) If either I or II is most appropriate

(D) If neither I nor II is most appropriate

(E) If both I and II are the most appropriate

Ghabrana Nahi Hai!


It is understandable for the Pre-med students to be anxious over the logical reasoning portion.

The candidates probably do not solve questions throughout their academic year.

However, here are 5 general logical reasoning tips.

  • Practice thinking logically.
  • Do not assume the same rule will not appear twice!
  • Timing is critical!
  • Create a process to help quickly work through the questions.
  • Follow the instructions carefully.

Here is a video that will help you better understand logical Reasoning!

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